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Advent Calendar Tree

30 min

Follow the steps to create and customize your very own holiday Advent Calendar.

Happy holidays and enjoy!

Advent Calendar Tree Main

Step #1

First, take a cardboard tube, or several tubes of various widths, and cut them horizontally into sizes long enough to be able to contain your small gifts.

Advent Calendar Tree Step 1

Step #2

Then, add some color to your tubes. Paint spray is probably the easiest and fastest.

Advent Calendar Tree Step 2

Step #3

Draw a triangle or form one with straight objects. This will create a tree shape outline to guide your calendar's layout.

Advent Calendar Tree Step 3

Step #4

Arrange the tubes inside the triangle and place the small gifts inside. When adding the Ferrero Rocher, remove the paper cups first.

Advent Calendar Tree Step 4

Step #5

Cover the tubes using Ferrero Rocher paper cups. You can even write the days of the Advent Calendar on top of them.

Advent Calendar Tree Step 5

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